Let's get to know each other...

I strongly believe that transparency, good communication, and a great user experience is vital in making a successful product. I'd love to learn more about you and your business! What's the vision behind your product, who are your customers (current and potential), what's important to them, and finally - what problem are we going to be solving?

How does it work?


You write a brief outlining deliverables and scope of your project, including timing. The brief should ideally anser the following questions:
What are we building? What design problems are we trying to solve? What is expected at the completion of the project? What are the goals and objectives of the new design? What's the target market or audience? What's your budget and schedule? What are the project deliverables?


I will send a simple contract detailing the scope, delivery & payment schedule.


I begin with analysis, follow up with design or development and share the progress with you with each milestone — communicating on a set schedule. Your feedback is important and I will make refinements accordingly.


A 20% deposit is due before I start working on your project. Any following invoices will be due in 30 days and payable via a national wire transfer to my US business bank account.


Depending on your needs, this could be source code repo hosted on GitHub, Figma file, and/or a high-fidelity Origami prototype. It is preferred to switch to an hourly engagement at this stage so I can coordinate with your engineers on as-needed basis.